Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The WitchKing Of Chicago

I think Chicago is the only place that Kings truly exist. After hearing Ferris Bueller address himself as Abe Frohman, Sausage King of Chicago, the word KING doesnt sound complete unless its followed by "of Chicago". Try it. It feels natural. Your tongue will thank you after spewing any word followed by "King of chicago". Bagel King of Chicago. Progeria King Of Chicago. Unnatural Death-King of Chicago. and so forth.
So the whole meaning behind this was because i took a picture of a small cave on the beach that had "Here lies the Witch King" above it and it was really dumb, but kinda creepy. Like, i'm all for scaring myself, but none of us ended up going in said cave because it was full of water and pitch black. and if by any chance the witch king did indeed have enough self esteem to announce where he lives, i doubt he's a pussy.
But i cant find this picture, so instead, here's a picture i took of a hissing coacroach giving birth. Its so magical!!! Just look at those tasty babies.