Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The cutting room floor

Jon Dragonette handled my first official photo shoot a few weeks ago. I say "official" because i dont think spending 20 dollars on every type of fake mustache you can find, and photographing myself at a mustache party, though it takes an extreme amount of set up time and a caring touch, constitutes the word "official". And i've done that a ton of times.
So we went out to Mare island in Vallejo, home of the Hyphyness, equipped with torches, ready to burn and pillage any building we came across in order to make it have "that urban look". We mentally built our hatred up for these buildings beforehand by imagining that they had kidnapped our daughter, and were keeping them captive inside themselves, and were forcing their brick and morter selves on her innocent and frail, cancer-ridden body. That way we wouldnt feel too bad when we burnt them down. And we'd have an excuse if we got arrested.
However, to our dismay, someone had beaten us to it, and the buildings were already destroyed. "NOOOOOO!!" I screamed. "My daughter was in there!" and i commenced to sobbing profusely. Until Jon saved my sanity and replied "Dude, we PRETENDED that you had a daughter. You dont. Fucking weirdo."
and thus, that is the begining of Jon Dragonette and my friendship.
Then we went to Chili's to celebrate something we didnt do, but took credit for it anyway, because we are the only people dumb enough to admit to a crime we didnt commit for hopes of free Ranch BBQ burgers and RESPECT!
Anyway, here are a few photos from that shoot that didnt make it into the Juxtapoz Issue.
Thank you, Jon, my new friend.