Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bleed It Out, Tinkle Tinkle

I got to go check out my friend Mr. Hahn's new video shoot for Linkin Park last week. He directed a ridiculously crazy fight scene in a bar that is made up of 100 people, or 8 people, or 8 people that are computer-composited to look like 100 different people, or maybe everyone was holograms. I dont know. I was told to wear special glasses to protect my eyes the entire time, but perhaps those special glasses protected me from seeing holographic people doing karate in reverse. Either way, the video is going to look insane, and Hahn used a huge Milo crane (i think they called it that because it was invented for that Milo n Otis movie with the fiesty dog and the stuck up cat). The camera was a gigantic robot that ran by itself along a track, and they also referred to as the Genesis, which i thought was odd for something so state of the art, as it was surely more powerful than 16 bits. Either way, heres a blurry picture of the band in front of a giant green screen so Mr Hahn can composite BADASS MOUNTAINS or something so it looks like the band is FLOATING ABOVE MOUNTAINS!!! ummm....he's not doing that. but he should.

Also, Mr Hahn just got his new toy out, and you need it. Go check out for more info yo.