Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW "Red Handed 2" Print $20 OFF!!!

If we would ever slow down to pat ourselves on the back, it would be for nothing more than the quality of our giclee prints. But the credit can't totally be taken by Zerofriends.

A few years ago we met a Leprechaun named Dandy at the end of an inverted, dark rainbow. But he had no gold. And no beer. Instead, Dandy had an Epson 9900 printer with archival inks. And he KNEW how to use it. But none of his Leprechaun friends cared about printmaking, as they were in the GOLD business. So they left him alone at the rainbow, defeated. So, we took him under our wing and nurtured him while all of his other friends traveled around the world to open "Cash 4 Gold" stores. 

So excited to have (zero)friends and some freedom to play with his Epson un-judged, our Leprechaun started producing amazing prints out of his magical device and after working side by side with Alex, Dave and the rest of us, the quality that this Dandy and his Magic Epson were able to spit out was incredible. And it keeps improving the more we all play with our Leprechaun together.

So to celebrate the continuous improvements that Dandy makes to the quality of our prints, we are releasing and selling Alex Pardee's "RED HANDED 2" limited edition print starting TONIGHT at midnight (eastern time, 9 pacific).

But Dandy or no Dandy, it wouldn't be a celebration if we didn't have a SALE! So guess what? We are knocking $20 OFF of the price of this "Red Handed 2" through Sunday, Sept 1.

"Red Handed 2"
Hand signed and numbered by Alex Pardee
Limited Edition of 100
16" x 20"
$60.00 (on sale for $40 NOW!!)

Ok so let's recap:
A Leprechaun helps us make things. We salute him.
Tonight at Midnight we are releasing Alex's "Red Handed 2 Print".
It normally will cost $60. But until THIS SUNDAY, it will ONLY BE $40!!!
We salute you as much as our Leprechaun.