Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hi! Alex here. When Zerofriends was just a little elementary school collective of candy-salesmen back in 1986, we quickly figured out something that makes everyone happy: FREE CANDY! And when other kids' faces were stuffed with Mike 'n Ikes and their smiles leaked with sugary  drool, their happiness was infectious and all of a sudden WE were smiling too. And we LOVE smiling. 

So right then, on the four-square court, right after Little Dougie got hit in the face with the tetherball and was still smiling because of his sugar rush, we knew what we wanted to do for the rest of Zerofriends' life:

But now, we've moved on from free candy, to FREE PRINTS!

Fresh off of our "FREE DAVE CORREIA PRINTS" event last weekend, we are rolling right into our "FREE ME PRINTS" this weekend. By "ME" i Alex. I have a brand new crop of 8"x10" open edition prints being released this Friday, August 16th on
And when you purchase any ONE (or more) of these specific 5 NEW PRINTS of mine, (seen above and below) you can pick out any ONE 8" x 10" of mine from my entire collection (new prints included) FOUND HERE ON THE STORE!

Ok, so let me re-iterate since this is no simple free candy transaction.

1. Starting FRIDAY, AUG 16th through SUNDAY, AUG 18th, check out the 5 brand new 8" x 10" giclee prints that will be released this Friday.
2. Buy one. Why not? You have a bathroom? They're perfect for bathrooms. You got a car? Hang if from the rear view! Art is fun! 
3. Before checking out and paying, go through the site and browse through some of my other 8" x 10" prints and take notes with your brain. You can see all of my 8" x 10" prints available easily by clicking HERE.
4. Point at one you like and say "THAT'LL DO!" and then make a mental note of the name of it.
5. Now go check out. In the "COMMENTS" section, simply state the title of the 8" x 10" Alex Pardee (me) print that you would like for FREE! Do not add the desired free print to your cart! Anything that's in your cart you WILL BE charged for! (Limit ONE FREE 8" x 10" PER ORDER). If you don't specify which print we will just randomly surprise you!

6. Smile! And we will too!