Friday, September 7, 2012

My Jux Cover Timed-Release Print Now On Sale!

In celebration (which is what I will be doing in my head for the next year after the excitement of this) of the Halloween issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine that I curated, Zerofriends is releasing the cover as a special edition limited timed-release print that will ONLY be for sale for ONE MONTH, during the shelf-life of the issue, and then never again! And it starts NOW!
Simultaneously, Juxtapoz Magazine was nice enough to let me wrestle their website into my artsy camel-clutch submission too, so I'm going to be personally curating a lot of the web content on their site for the next month too, writing articles, reviews, and featuring a lot of art and content that will be different from the magazine. So make sure to check their website daily for updates from myself, with a little help from the whole Zerofriends crew. The first few articles are already up right now. I promise that I will NOT feature anything to do with Steve Harvey, unless Johnny Ryan draws a picture of his urethra prolapsing or something.