Thursday, May 3, 2012


Attention, fans of the future! We here at Zerofriends have found an ENLARGER PISTOL buried under a raspberry beret that we found "beret'd" under the dirt behind our warehouse! And after shooting it at a pile of donuts and dying with joy, we are shooting it at my artwork!
In order to not get our new toy seized by the department of the government that is keeping THIS under wraps, however, we are just gonna play it off like we are using terrestrial technology to make such small things so HUGE!

Future space guns or not, this weekend we are taking a HUGE risk and doing something based on what YOU GUYS have been asking us to do for a while: starting this WEEKEND we are releasing SUPER LIMITED EDITION HUGE GICLEE ART PRINTS featuring some of our most popular SOLD OUT print images.

I don't know if any more explanation is needed, but here are some specifics as to what is being released and how much they cost. And make sure to read this whole thing so that you can find out how to get FREE TINY 5" x 7" PRINTS OF THE "HUGE PRINCE" PRINT YOU SEE ABOVE (as that image is guaranteed to motivate you to work out and/or weird you the fuck out!)

Q: What is being released?
A: 12 different OVERSIZED Super Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Giclee prints. 6 of the designs will be HUGE (40" x 60") and the other 6 designs will be BIG (24" x 36").
Q: How "Limited" are they?
A: The "HUGE" Prints will be limited editions of 20, and the "BIG" prints will be limited editions of 30.
Q: Can we expect the same quality as the usual Zerofriends Giclee prints?
A: Absolutely. They are printed using the same equipment, technology, and museum-quality inks and paper stock that all of our prints are produced with.
Q: Where will these HUGE prints be on sale?
A: They will all be released on the ZEROFRIENDS WEBSTORE this Friday, May 4th at 12PM (noon) Pacific Standard Time. They will ALSO be on display and on sale in our RETAIL STORE in Oakland, CA, starting Friday also, just in time for the First Friday ART MURMUR.
Q: How much will they cost, and will you ship them outside of the U.S.?
The "HUGE" Prints (40" x 60", LTD Edition of 20) will be on sale for $300.00 each. The "BIG" Prints (24" x 36", LTD Edition of 30) will be on sale for $150.00 each.
Q: Well then, that's all good and jolly, but HOW DO I GET A FREE TINY "HUGE PRINCE" PRINT??
A: If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, then that's EASY. If not, it may be a little hard. This Saturday, May 5, simply be one of the first 50 people to GO INTO THE ZEROFRIENDS OAKLAND RETAIL STORE any time between 11AM-6PM and ASK FOR ONE! But please note, this is an IN-STORE RELEASE ONLY. There will be no "Huge Prince" Prints distributed online at this time.

So anyway, hope to see you online or in the store this weekend, but tell NO ONE about our enlarger ray! We need it for all of the tiny giraffes that we have running around.
Meanwhile, check out these photos by PAUL BUSTAMANTE of the Zerofriends crew and I preparing the prints. Word!