Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5-Color Sharkasus Screenprint Now Available

There's something about the feel of a screen-printed poster that makes my fingers tingle with imagination. The smooth but subtly speckled texture of the dried ink feels like it was made from the crushed teeth of a brightly colored monster. Seeing the slight imperfections of overlapping inks when one of the colors gets too unruly to follow the directions and jumps ship. Or maybe it's just because I am obsessed with the color black, and you can't get a richer, darker black using any other printing method other than good old, hand-pulled, hand pressed screen printing.
Whatever the reasons are, we love creating screenprinted posters. So every once in a while we like to forget that there's been a technological revolution in the last 20 years and completely disregard modern computers and printers and instead call our friends over at Bloom Press in Oakland who still cook over a fire and make inks out of berries and burnt hair, and collaborate with them on some limited edition, old school art prints.
Our latest release is just that. Limited to only 100, these new 18" x 24" signed, numbered, and hand made 5-color screen prints of THE SHARKASUS are available to buy online NOW for only $50.00! Click here or on the pic to purchase. I actually wrote this newsletter on the wall of a cave with a stick and some bear dung, but only like 4 people saw it and I was forced to eat one of them so we couldn't TOTALLY disregard technology for this release.