Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weird Al HAMB-Bellished print!

Weird Al Yankovic without self-depreciating parody is like Twitter without self-complimenting re-tweets. Like a pigeon without shit in its beak. Like Guns without Roses. And like a Vacation movie without the Griswolds. So therefore, Weird Al-related art without self-depreciating value seems, well, valueless to begin with.

So, in celebration of my "Eat It" piece above, and its involvement with Weird Al & Gallery 1988's new Official Weird Al Retrospective and Comedian Themed Art Show "Is This Thing On?" that opens this Friday in LA, my girlfriend and I decided to make a one-of-a-kind, hand-embellished version of my "Eat It" art piece to hang up in the Gallery for the show. But it wouldn't make sense to hand-embellish it with traditional things like paint or ink, because this is fucking Weird Al, and it's a song about gluttony. And junk food. And love.
So Chloe and I both looked at each other and said "Let's HAMB-Embellish it!"
We then proceeded to hunt and gather a pile of various delicious lard-coated non-hollow point shells, do our best and silliest Kenny Powers impressions and began throwing food as fast and as hard as we could at my art piece.

And the finished product, alongside a handful of these framed photos taken by the healthy Chloe Rice will be on display and for sale at the opening THIS FRIDAY at Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles. But don't go if you're hungry, because the smell of this thing is insatiable! You can see the rest of the poster series HERE!

The Ammo.

The Sacrificial Lemmings

The finished, framed and resin-ed piece that will be hanging in the gallery for the opening.
Now get yourself an egg and fucking BEAT ITTTTTT!!