Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok, I have to get a couple quick things out of the way first before I go into over-descriptive begging/thanking/excited mode.

1. Thank you to everyone (damnit I already started my exciting thankful mode. oh well) who supported our "Brown Thursday" Sale. It was crazy, and we love you.

2. As we also do every year, we like to use December to have fun and offer some new festive colorway editions of some of our favorite sold out prints! (In the past we have done the "Orange Lantern" Print and the "Escaped Conviction" Print). So don't miss these two new special limited holiday editions of these prints!
Click on either of them to go directly to the store to buy/view them:

"OWLEX" The Ice Kings Edition
17" x 22" SIgned Limited edition of 100

"Cynaphobia" The Holiday Edition
11" x 14" Signed Limited edition of 100

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a little nightmare mixed in, right? So yah, here is another limited new addition to my "My Favorite Monsters" ongoing series:

Santa Jack Skellington
8" x 10" Signed limited edition of 100.

Now...on to the main course!

Well, it's been over 2 years in the making, which is, in my terms, about 8 thousand gallons of roasted red pepper hummus and only 4 full changes of clothes. Over the last 2 and half years, writer/director mastermind Stephen Reedy, myself, Dave Correia, cinematographer Chris Saul, sound and comedy madmen Rich Arenas & Josh Petersdorf, makeup guru Melissa Pizzamiglio, producer Megan Powers, Nic Aragon and our whole Zerofriends gang jumped head first into an attempt to build something from nothing. Our goal was to step outside of the 2-dimensional art world and construct a new unique universe and style within the film, advertising, and online video world that would be an extension and homage to both my artwork as well as the whole Zerofriends brand. For our first video (T-Shirt Monster) we had almost zero resources other than our collective creativity, passion and willingness to sacrifice our minds and bodies....a lot. All in the name of fun.....and tentacles

Well, we loved getting our faces scraped off, our eyes burned from glo-sticks,and our houses ruined from plaster and dirt so much that we are going to keep going. But meanwhile, we are finally offering these last 2 years of our lives in the form of a fun little digital pizza for you to cook up in your DVD player and soak in our moving scrapbook.


What is this Digital Video Digital exactly?

Well, first and foremost, it's over 20 high-quality versions of our favorite short films, commercials and music videos that we have produced that have been seen on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

However, we know that you can just watch all of those online, so we added about 80 times more stuff for your eyeballs and earballs!

In addition to those videos (and some cool interviews with Tara McPherson, Dave Correia, Robert Bowen, Skinner, Craola & More) that you may have seen, we added a handful of ones that we know you HAVEN'T:
Myself & Dave Correia find a magic lamp that summons rocker Mickey Avalon.
Hand Turkey gets animated.
Funnyman genius Rich Arenas has instructional art videos as well as a few Kamen Rider videos as you have never seen them before.
And, in what I think is worth more than the cost of the DVD, writer/director/awesome human Stephen Reedy personally takes you on 11 educational Behind-The-Scenes adventures from some of our videos. He shows you some creative secrets and never before seen footage to show you how he made no-budget commercials look like a quintillion-dollar budgeted commercials (spoiler alert: use lots of garbage, oversized things and corn syrup!).

Oh, and also, Stephen and myself recorded TWO separate full commentary tracks, one WITH hummus, and one without!

As a special bonus/thank you to all of you who continue to support us so that we can hopefully make more films, the first 100 DVDs that get sold will come shipped with a FREE "Jack Skellington" Signed 8" x 10" print from ME!

(Note: You don't need to add anything to your cart, we will automatically ship it while supplies last.)

And if you're still not sold, here's a commercial for you begging you to buy it. Please. Please.....