Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not totally, but KINDA insane SALE!

Hey holmes. If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have noticed that I have been holed up in my studio working like a madman, cutting all forms of interaction with real humans off, and instead chose only to communicate via VHS tapes and other cutting edge technology like Brian Oblivian. This, in turn, has driven me a little insane. Not full Lohan yet, just kinda insane.

And this insanity has driven me to do something SOOOOOO (kinda) CRAZY! During one of my 3 hour naps, I must have slept walked back to my computer and subconsciously lowered the prices by a few bucks on a bunch of our prints and t-shirts! Take a moment to poke around. You might find something you missed. And now it's cheaper!

And as a bonus, the KINDACRAZY doesn't stop there! I guess I also, in addition to drooling and saying things like "pigs make great backpacks", I convinced the rest of the Zerofriends crew to GIVE AWAY ONE "MONSTER" PRINT WITH EVERY ORDER OF $25 OR MORE!!!
So yep, shit is kinda crazy over here, so I let it kinda spill into the store!
Here's some specific details:
From now thru June 30th, you will receive ONE FREE 5"x7" Signed Giclee Print from my "My Favorite Monsters" Series 1 set if you spend $25 or more. (Limit one print per ORDER)
During the checkout process please let us know in the comments section which "MONSTER" print you would like.  If no print is selected, a random print will be sent to you which cannot be exchanged.

Get to shopping by clicking the above picture, CLICKING HERE
, or using the direct link below!