Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mitchell Davis, Skinner Davis, & the First DAY OF TOUR Davis (almost)!

Hey everyone, so, in the midst of stressful packing, booking, washing (kinda), working, and sweating before we leave tomorrow morning for the "Sketch 4 Sketch" Tour, a surprise little 10-minute interview video got put up on over on YouTube Superstar Mitchell Davis' channel!

If you aren't familiar with Mitchell Davis, the dude is a rockstar. He has an insanely popular personal YouTube channel that gets like a bajillion hits a day due to his charming and funny A.D.D.-riddled comedy videos. Though we have known each other for a little while, he lives in Ohio and I had never officially met him....until he showed up on my doorstep with a Flip Cam, a smile, and a new haircut. This is what occurred in the minutes following his entrance. Enjoy:)

Tomorrow, Friday, the first official day of the tour, we will be appearing at the SACRAMENTO UPPER PLAYGROUND around 4 or 5PM until around 7PM, with SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST SKINNER!, who will be joining us for the sketch exchange! Hope to see you there!