Monday, September 21, 2009

I need your a help for a video project!

Hey everyone.
So, a lot of exciting things in the mix for the upcoming months.
However, for one of these exciting things, i REALLY REALLY need some help from a few of you on a really small but cool project that is a pretty big milestone in my life.

So if you can or want to help with anything below, it would be greatly appreciated:)

Here's the info:
Zerofriends (My clothing/art company) is producing and filming our very first COMMERCIAL! And not just a shitty little handheld web-cam style one, either. A small team of us have made large sacrifices to get a great team of people involved in this to make the project even bigger and something that I am extremely excited about producing.

The upside: Projects like this are always fun, creative, and learning experiences since we rarely know what we are doing going into them. This time is a little different because of the talented people we have involved in it:)
The downside: Much like everything else that I do, and that Zerofriends does, we are completely financed by our own money, love and sacrifice. So the main downside is that there is no money available to pay for the remaining positions and roles that still need to fill, which is where you come in, as I would love it if any of you would be available and want to help with the project in whatever way you can.

Here are more details:
If you can and will help with any of the following, please send an EMAIL to and someone will help coordinate with you from there.

WHAT: Zerofriends video/commercial.
When: October 11, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA (tentative)
Written & Directed by: Stephen Reedy (He made Undercut, which is awesome, and he directed House Pardee with me & Shia, as well as the Letters From Digested Children video, and a ton of other things. AKA he's awesome)

MUST BE 18 or older.
Must live in or around the Los Angeles area and have your own transportation to and from the location. (Location is most likely going to be around Burbank, CA (subject to change)
Must be available for all of the time that you set up with the production manager, who you will be in contact with.
Must be OK with getting a little dirty if things get a little messy:)

What we are looking for:
Actress: 18-25, some experience required, emphasis on comedy. there will be some physical activity, like running around, etc. Headshot and reel encouraged.

Actor: 18-25, some experience required, emphasis on comedy. Headshot and reel encouraged

Make-up / Hair: General make-up for both male and female, but there will also be a small amount of gore and practical effects, so some experience in practical effects is encouraged.

Art Director: In general, we need someone to help art direct a living room being transformed into a girl's bedroom, as well as a few random things regarding effects, puppets, etc.

As I said before, i apologize that none of these positions will be paid positions, but there will be food there, and it will be a fun day of madness. Additionally, it's a chance for both you (AND MYSELF) to work with some really talented and creative people.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send an email to

Thank you mucho!!!

And just for fun, here is an old pic of Paul, Myself, and Director Stephen Reedy with balls on him.:)

I look forward to seeing you at the shoot.