Monday, November 10, 2008

CROM show pics

"He conquered an empire with his sword. She conquered HIM with her bare hands."

APE went great.
CROM went great.
I love when things are great.
here's some pics from the CROM show, which is still showing at VARNISH in San Francisco.
Some of my favorite artists were in this show, Dave did a rad job of putting it all together.

The crowd...

Aiyana Udesen's beautiful entrance piece. Elvira and Conan > Mork & Mindy.

Nate Van Dyke

Lucien Shapiro's Emu Rider with Dave Correia's Vulture Crucifixtion in the back.

Wayshak and Correia

Brad Isdrab's Richard Simmon's Attack sculpture (My green Conan is in the background)

Close up of the SIMMONSes.

Jahkeeli Garnett

Lucien's leading lady.

Robert Bowen

Bowen again.

My immature pieces.

Jerome Opena (Dave C on the right)

Jerome Up Close.

Lee Ballard.

Thank you everyone.