Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New 24" x 36" Prints On Sale This Weekend!

We here at Zerofriends did 2 things this week that we had a lot of fun doing:
1. We finally dusted off the old shrink ray-gun and figured out where that pesky "reverse" switch was on it, then pointed that gun right at the hearts of 4 of our long-sold out limited prints, just to see what would happen, and…
2. We called up our sexy friend, Huge Prince, to announce this weekend's release, which is, suitably, new Huge Prints.


Yes, as Huge Prince just announced, we will be releasing 4 more 24" x 36" Extremely Limited Giclee prints signed and numbered by me. There is no way the internet can do these prints justice. If you have ever bought one of our prints, just imagine that print, but BIGGER! 

Printed with magical and archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag paper and signed in GOLD INK, these prints are each limited to an edition of 30 and will be available to purchase exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS.COM starting this THURSDAY NIGHT (Feb 6) at midnight (Eastern, 9 PM Pacific).

24" x 36"
Limited Edition of 30
Signed and Numbered By Alex Pardee (me!)
$150.00 Each

Available starting Thursday NIGHT at midnight.

Detail of "The Backpack"