Thursday, September 19, 2013

"The World's End" Print Is Finally Here

You like movies??? Good. Then you are way ahead of the people that don't. Which means you most likely know of "Shaun of the Dead", one of the most clever and creative movies in the last decade. Which also means you know "Shaun of the Dead"s director, madman Edgar Wright? OK great, you're on a roll!
Well, being as how Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors (in a "Trap-Jaw-Is-One-Of-My-Favorite-He-Man-Character" kind of way), and Edgar, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are my favorite trio, I was insanely excited when Edgar invited me to see an early screening of their latest film, "The World's End". And, on top of my excitement, he almost telepathically forced uncontrollable pee to leak out of me when he then hired me create an exclusive poster for him for the movie. All Hell broke loose inside of my giddy brain and I got to work. 100 hours, 2 human manatee assistants, an old Commodore 64 computer, and 8 red bulls later, this is what emerged:

And now, in celebration of one of the best (blank) movies of the year, and possibly the greatest movie ever to feature a decapitation-by-urinal, I am proud to announce that this limited print will finally be available for sale starting THIS FRIDAY (which is tomorrow! Which is technically TONIGHT at midnight). So stay awake and don't sleep on this print release because if you do, the World might End.

Here are all of the details for the print:
"The World's End"
Designed by Alex Pardee, inspired by Edgar Wright
Limited Edition of 400
Signed & Numbered by Alex
18" x 24" Printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper.
Goes on sale Friday, Sept 20 at 12:01AM Eastern Time (9:01 pm tonight Pacific Time)
Exclusively on ZEROFRIENDS.COM