Thursday, December 13, 2012


If the world is ending on 12-21-12 as according to the doomsayers, then why not offer something special, right? I mean, it can't hurt. And plus, maybe the cockroaches will have something fun to start collecting then.
So for 24 hours only, during the madness that may be The End, we are offering a few special Doppelganger prints for those of you that are buying things "just in case".
Starting on December 21 at 12:01AM and ending at 11:59 PM that same night, ZEROFRIENDS will have 3 never-before-released 5" x 7" prints for sale celebrating some of the more famous Doomsayers throughout the universe.
Each Doomsayer will be available separately for $12.21 or you can get all 3 for one Apocalyptic price of $20.12!
See you when the world ends.