Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First "Butcher Kings" Review is up.

If you didn't know, Skinner and myself have donned the burdens of nine thousand Morts and joined forces to unleash a new collection of over 80 new affordable paintings and drawings at Gallery 1988 Melrose in LA this thursday, Oct 6 at 7PM. The show is being shrouded in silly secrecy because A) we really feel that the collection of paintings works best if you let yourself engage in the whole retarded shebang, and B) because we kinda feel like it.

Meanwhile, artist and disgustingly Korean adventurer Dave Choe spent some time with us checking out our dicks, i mean our paintings, and just sent over the very first review of the show. I can't tell if it's good or bad, because honestly, I'm still digging feces out of my throat and brain from when we all played "Centipede" by the campfire. So yah, here is Dave's review, and make sure that if you are in LA and like laughing either with us or AT us, come check out our "Butcher Kings" show.

And remember, come dance. WE. ARE. SAFE.

"The first time Alex Pardee, Skinner and I acted out our version of the Human Centipede, Redvine inspiration hit. Alex tried to say something about Gary Coleman or Ed-209 but I couldn't make out what he was saying because my entire Korean kimchee-laced asshole was in his mouth and both of my ears were muffled inside Skinner's unnaturally large foreskin, which is the skin from the eyelid of a Siamese cyclops from an extinct ruling class of Mermen with impenetrable cat-tongue skin which was sewn onto the head of his dick,  so as you can imagine I  couldn't hear so good.

These two idiot Shamans got together behind my back to make a secret language of paintings based on the secret teachings of serial killers all to make me jealous. And it worked!  Here are two socially inept, borderline retarded manimal boys' take on all the shit you and your horrible fake friends talk and think about but would never dare to actually create because of the social criticism, political outrage and outcasting you'd feel from friends and lovers, but that's the best part of being retarded (besides jacking off whenever and wherever you want). Alex & Skinner just don't know any better.

No art like this exists on the planet because no one is as stupid/ignorant/genius enough to spend this amount of time to render and craft what its like to get down with your syndrome, and carpet bomb your fleeting fantasies like a cum glazed bear claw dripping with rotten ignorant sperms. If you want to look, you're gonna see shit you wish you hadn't. You will see shit from your funky dick cheese smelling dreams you wish that you'd forgotten. Enter the Butcher Kings at your own risk. They will cut your dickclit off  and you will see what happens when two people like Skinner and Alex truly believe that incest IS best. 

Dave Choe

Oct, 2011"