Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Lonely Guy...

We all get lonely. Period.
I do. You do. Married couples do. Polygamists do. Those Siamese Twin country singers that are joined at the head do. Hell, I bet even Eddie Brock and his symbiotic alien Venom suit get lonely for a few minutes a day when one of them is sleeping. It's a natural and constant emotion.
Loneliness is just a passing of time though. You get through it. Sometimes we can look at our watch and just wait it out. Sometimes we attempt to move it out of the way by replacing it with other things. Sometimes we sit and stare at the television or a book and attempt to lure it out of us with a combination of words and images that we hope will fool it into hiding for a while. Sometimes, we have no choice so we just force it down and hope that it doesn't vomit itself back up in the middle of the night while we are staring at the back of our eyelids, pretending that the sounds in our stomachs are coming from somewhere outside, struggling to put our arms in a comfortable position until one of them finally settles around the one half of the pillow that feels most human. Sometimes it does seem like it's possible to die from being lonely. Loneliness morphs into sadness. Sadness changes into lethargy, and the possibility of literally sinking into the earth from lack of love or friendship to keep you afloat seems very realistic every now and then. When the body of a suspected suicide victim can't be found, perhaps it's because they DID sink into the ground, adding their spirits to the ever growing "friend request list" of the planet. I mean….Earth must get lonely too, right.
I don't know.
There's certain things that are great about spending time with ourselves. But then again, there's certain things that make being completely alone a constant reminder of our insignificance as well. I have a funny story from today…but no one to tell it to. I hate this T.V. show, but no one to complain about it to. I can sleep alone. Or I can stay awake all night alone. Makes zero difference. I finally cooked by myself, but now I'm choking, and no one is here to help me…
Myself, along with the entire Zerofriends crew, understand some of the variable loneliness that we all feel. Which is why we wanted to reassure you that, though you may not know it, we supply you with a little extra cure for loneliness. Every one of our shirts is an individual living being, and every one of our shirts loves being wrapped around your torso, and loves listening to your stories. Every one of our shirts loves watching the movies you watch. Loves tasting the mustard that falls from a random bite of food. Loves sleeping on your floor next to you while you are in bed. Loves traveling with you, and basically….just loves being AROUND you.
And on that note, here's a little love letter to loneliness from us and Zerofriends' resident filmmaker, the amazing Stephen Reedy. Check it out, and then maybe head on over to the ZEROFRIENDS ONLINE STORE and grab a little torso-friend or 2. And remember, if you have ZEROFRIENDS, you always have at least ONE.

I'm gonna go lay down by myself. And my shirt:)