Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've Been Meaning to do this for a while

So I've been staring at this huge severed whale dick for like 4 days, just smelling it rot. My friend came back from the arctic and thought i would want it since i have been watching that Bizarre Foods show religiously. its nice to look at, but at first I didnt think there was any way in hell i would eat it. Surprisingly, though, i think decaying whale dick must be what they make everything with at Bath and Body works, because it smells so fucking good! So...since everyone is gone tonight, and because i doubt that it will even be solid after a couple more days, i took a bite.....

But that's not what i've been meaning to do.
A ton of people have asked me what album covers and stuff that I have designed and to post them, so i managed to gather up most of em (there's a few secrets out there still;) and put them up in my photos section on my myspace page.

If you're curious, check em out. I'm gonna post a bunch more art pretty soon too, since its a lot easier than updating a website that i have no idea how to update.